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About Us

About Cornerstone Health and Family Practice in Tucson Arizona

Cornerstone Health and Family Practice was founded in 2003 by Dr Shawn Platt. Cornerstone was built on a desire to provide quality healthcare in a region of Tucson deficient of medical services. Our focus on individual healthcare instead of the corporate revolving door model has led the practice to continual growth since its inception.

Forget the cold corporate conglomerate health institutions where you are just a number. Come to Cornerstone Health and Family Practice and become part of the family!

Since it’s inception, Cornerstone Health and Family Practice has provided timely, quality healthcare to thousands of Tucsonans. We are proud to serve the Tucson community and provide excellent medical care to families and individuals of all ages.

Meet the Founder

Dr Shawn PlattDr. Shawn Platt is a native of Tucson, Arizona who is board certified in Family Practice. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona, and went to the Osteopathic Medical School in Pomona, CA. As an Osteopathic physician, Dr. Platt has specialized training in the musculoskeletal system and manipulation.

Dr. Platt had the vision to create a place where medicine could become personal again. Cornerstone was designed to provide health care and treatment plans tailored to the individual as a whole, and not their isolated disease state.

What Sets Us Apart?

With only two providers, Cornerstone Health and Family Practice offers a wide spectrum of medical services but still maintains that small practice feel. At Cornerstone, providers and staff get to know their patients personally, and patients can feel confident that the provider they will see is familiar with their medical history and personal needs.