Plattinum Care Program

Primary Care will soon be overwhelmed as 37,000,000 patients become insured by the Federal Government’s Affordable Health Care Act.

Our response to the coming flood of new patients is to introduce new ways to care for our patients that is affordable and provides even better access and care. Plattinum Health Care is a limited panel of 150 concierge patients and a subdivision of Cornerstone Health & Family Practice.

How It Works

For a membership fee of 780.00 per year (65.00 per month), patients have direct access to our providers 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

What are the advantages of a Concierge Medicine and Plattinum Healthcare?


"Having a concierge doctor makes perfect sense. Refills and medical questions are not a big deal anymore. I just call Dr. Platt directly and he picks up personally and takes care of it".
-Steve H.

"Having a Conciere doctor has often been priceless. Rather than having to go to an Urgent Care when I was sick, several times Dr Platt has either helped me over the phone or seen me the same day. Sure beets waiting several days to be seen or waiting in an ER all day".
-Mike K.

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