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Smoking cessation

Well it is December 1st.

Thirty days more until a new year. Time goes by so fast.

Now if you are a smoker or care about someone who is, did you know that non-smokers live on the average of ten years longer than do smokers? That is amazing right? Smoking as you know is the number one cause of preventable death in this country. A decade is a long time. Life is so precious.

It amazes me just how committed and resolute a patient becomes to stop smoking when they are told they have cancer or some other smoking related disease like a heart attack. Please don’t let some major health crisis become your own wake-up-call. I encourage anyone who smokes to set a date to quit smoking and hold to it. There are very good medications that can help, however the commitment that comes from within is the key.

A new year is coming….smoke free in 2016! That would be great right? Let me know if I can help. Let your lungs and body heal. Taste your food again like it did when you were a kid. Save the money you would have spent on cigarettes for something wonderful. You can do it.

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