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Testosterone replacement in men

So is testosterone replacement in men dangerous or not? The evidence has gone back and forth on this matter. In medicine, this kind of hair splitting tends to mean that even if the evidence does prove that some treatment or medication has risk for the patient, then that risk is very small. Estrogen replacement was this way a decade or so ago. It took years and many many studies to show that yes, there is a risk for women who choose to use estrogen after menopause.

The most recent study just released this month concerning hormone replacement in men was concluded from data taken from 83,010 men from the VA (which is a very good sample size) which helps elucidate this matter. This time the evidence falls on the side of favoring testosterone replacement in men. The study showed that men treated appropriately, meaning not to much and not too little, were 37% less likely to die from stroke and heart attack, and that over the 4 to 6 years that the study went on, the men treated with testosterone were 56% less likely to die verses the men who were not treated with testosterone and were matched with regard to various risk factors for heart disease.

Very good news for those men out there and under my care who do use testosterone.