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Tricare Patients Welcome!


Cornerstone Health and Family practice is run by former military providers. We completely understand the unique lifestyle and needs of our patients who are military retired or active duty dependents. We are experts at working with Tricare and work diligently to insure that you receive streamlined care. You served our country and we are proud to consider you our patients. Let us now serve you and give you the best care that we are capable of!

We are prepared and experienced to handle your unique needs! Tricare patients are able to have necessary labwork and x-rays performed on base or at civilian facilities. Prescriptions may be filled at the base pharmacy, e-scripts, or civilian pharmacies. As former military ourselves, we can utilize our experience to help you to decide which option is best for you. Our facility is prepared to handle additional patients during seasons of additional travel.

Snowbirds and Travelling Tricare Patients

Frequent travelers know the value of health care being available through providers throughout the country. Cornerstone Health and Family Practice is prepared to accommodate travelers as they either stay in Tucson or use it as a pit stop on their way to other areas throughout the country.

Seasonal visitors simply need to coordinate care with another provider as they move throughout the country. They frequently also require medication refills and labwork for chronic conditions, as well as acute care for new medical conditions or injuries. Our goal is to provide high quality care to our seasonal and frequent travelers and their families.

We are happy to serve as your Primary Care Provider during your visits to Tucson, and will diligently make your transition to our care as convenient as possible. Give us a call today to help start the process and we can help you determine what options work best for you.