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Valley Fever

I saw a classic case of Valley Fever this week. If a person lives in Tucson or the Desert South West long enough they will probably get it eventually. I grew up here in Tucson and have anti-bodies, meaning I have had this infection, although I don’t know exactly when. This is the case with many people who get Valley Fever but don’t really know they have it because the symptoms are fairly mild.

What are the symptoms of Valley Fever? Well one of them is joint pains. The patient that I saw this week presented to the office with joint pains and fatigue.
They used to call Valley Fever “desert rheumatism”. Other symptoms include cough and rash. People who are new to the South West and live around active construction or digging where the Cocci spores might be released into the air are more likely to get it.

Symptoms may last weeks to months and profound fatigue that does not get better is a hallmark that sets it apart from a simple virus.

Since we are talking about this lung infection, don’t forget to get your flu shot and if you are over 65, you should get a pneumonia shot as well.
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