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What We Offer

tricare-clickCornerstone Health and Family Practice offers a wide range of health services for the newborn child up to our most senior of citizens. A true family oriented neighborhood healthcare clinic, Cornerstone provides individualized care that is one of a kind in Tucson. Our goal is personalized medical treatment for all of our patients.

Routine Care

Cornerstone Health and Family Practice not only offers superior healthcare when compared to other medical offices, but also provides additional care that only our experienced providers are able to offer. We do everything we can not to pass the buck and refer patients to specialists unnecessarily. We are proud of the vast amount of care that we are able to provide here in our office.

Routine care consists of, but is not limited to:

Physical Exams:
It’s very important to perform regular physical exams to identify diseases before they turn into much bigger issues. In addition to being an obvious health screening recommendation, annual physicals can lower some insurance premiums as a statement of health. Lifting the hood and checking the fluids is sometimes the best way to keep your engine running smoothly.

Women’s health exams:
A wellness check for women includes screening against colon cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer, osteoporosis and overall physical and mental health. A women’s health exam should be yearly although age and other risk factors determine which specific tests should be done.

Dermatologic Care – skin cancer screenings:
Rates of skin cancer are very high because of all the sunlight we get in the desert southwest. We can screen for and treat most kinds of skin cancer, especially when caught early. In our clinic we additionally treat many kinds of skin problems including but not limited to acne, rosacea, eczema etc.

EKG and Bloodpressure screening:
Screening blood pressure and treating it correctly is one of the most important jobs in primary care. Hypertension (HTN) is known as “the silent killer” because most people afflicted with it feel perfectly fine. If not identified and treated however, people with this condition will be high risk to experience a heart attack and/or stroke. Regular monitoring of blood pressure helps to prevent these outcomes.

Kidney failure screening:
Screening for kidney disease is another very important condition to diagnose early and may be done by a simple blood test and urine sample.

Immunizations and Flu Shots:
Maintaining immunizations against all major diseases for yourself and your family is an important part of routine healthcare. We can tell you what shots you are in need of and, of course, we carry the flu shot during the season of administration. If your child needs immunizations but does not have insurance, we can immunize your child with only the cost of an office visit. The vaccine will be provided free of charge from the State of Arizona.

Arthritic Joint Injections:
Dr Platt and PA Fox are not pain specialists but as pain is the most frequent presenting complaint to a primary care office, we manage our fair share. We are currently not accepting new patients that are presently taking opiate pain medications. But for those patients that are bothered by arthritis and other musculoskelatal pains, Dr Platt is adept at treatments other than just medications including joint injections, muscle injections and osteopathic manipulation.

Diabetes, thyroid and cholesterol screening:
Millions of Americans feel well enough, but have no idea if they in fact have diabetes, a thyroid problem or high cholesterol.  All these conditions can and should be treated in order to live a long life. Medication is not always needed but screening and diagnosis must be the first step. Schedule your appointment today if you think you are at risk. Patients most at risk are those with a family history, obesity and advancing age.

DOT Exams
Department of Transportation Exams are completed at this clinic. We carry the forms here and will be happy to help you with your license renewal.

Additional Care (often not available in primary care offices)

Cornerstone Health and Family Practice provides a wider scope of medicine than most primary care offices. This can save you time and money. Click on the sections below to learn more about the additional treatments we offer our patients.

Suboxone Treatment

Dr. Shawn Platt treats offers new, safe and effective medicine for opioid addiction Associated with less stigma of drug abuse Less potential for dependency.
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Low Testosterone Treatment

Do you feel tired? Are you losing muscle mass or body hair? Have you noticed a loss of sexual desire? These symptoms may be caused by a low level of testosterone.
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Weight Loss Management

Cornerstone has been helping patients lose weight since 2005 and was one of the first practices to use HCG in the treatment of weight loss here in Tucson. We utilize a wide variety of practical and FDA approved medical treatments of obesity. Each treatment plan is built for your unique individual needs.

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