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Low Testosterone

Treat Low Testosterone in Tucson at Cornerstone Health and Family PracticeLow Testosterone, or “Low T”, is a common problem among men. As men age and get older, there are varying decreases in testosterone. In some cases however, the decrease is much sharper. This can be due to a variety of internal and external causes, and could even simply be a symptom of genetics. We are dedicated to properly diagnosing the issue and creating a proper treatment plan that works with your lifestyle. Don’t settle for less than your normal, energetic self!

We also give fair warning that many clinics are popping up offering testosterone replacement without adequate evaluation, and will treat patients whether they need testosterone or not in order to generate quick cash. This can be dangerous to a patients’ health. If you believe that you have this condition, come see us. We care about your health!

For even more information, visit the Mayo Clinic’s section about this condition.

Get the Facts on Low T

Low Testosterone Treatment in Tucson with Dr. Shawn PlattTestosterone deficiency, (also known as hypogonadism, and more recently low T) is having lower than normal levels of a male hormone known as testosterone. This hormone is responsible for giving men their secondary sexual characteristics to include lean muscle, body hair, low voice, bone health , and libido. Consequently, the most common symptoms of this condition are fatigue, muscle loss, decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction and decreased body hair. The causes of decreased levels of this hormone are many. Obesity, advanced age, high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic pain medication use are but a few of the main ones. Since other more serious causes do exist, however, a male who experiences any combination of these symptoms should seek medical evaluation.

What Should I Expect at my First Appointment?

Since many of the symptoms of testosterone deficiency may be caused by other serious medical conditions, your initial evaluation will involve a full physical exam and blood work. If the blood work suggests other causes of your symptoms you will be referred to the appropriate specialist for further evaluation. Otherwise testosterone replacement can be initiated.

How Do You Replace Testosterone?

The main methods of testosterone replacement are monthly injections, or daily trans-dermal lotions that absorb through the skin. The choice of treatment used is dependent upon patient preference. The main considerations are ease of use, insurance coverage, and affordability of the medication. For those without insurance, injections are usually the cheaper alternative.

Is There Any Follow-Up Required?

Yes. Labs are required to be drawn every three months for the first year after starting treatment, and then annually thereafter. For further information call for an appointment at (520)622-4580. We are happy to fulfill your needs and answer any other questions that you have.